Neither recent heart surgery to clear a blocked artery nor the ending of his eponymous scripted Showtime series can keep Andrew Dice Clay away from stand-up stages for long. The unabashed, unapologetic comedian has a mini-tour lined up that takes him to the Laugh Factory at Tropicana in Las Vegas in the wake of his medical recovery.

His days of lighting up cigarettes in defiance of judgment from nonsmokers may be over, but the Diceman’s career is hardly extinguished. He’s featured in the latest remake of A Star Is Born, in which he plays the father of Lady Gaga’s lead character.

Clay’s star was born in the mid ’80s after he parlayed his comedy club career into appearances in films such as Pretty in Pink and Casual Sex? His Brooklyn attitude came out in his roles, but it made him a phenomenon when he went fully no-filter for his debut comedy album Dice. His onstage persona was decidedly not politically correct, had a flair for vulgarizing nursery rhymes and made it clear that he did not care what anyone thought. A decade after Clay first won over audiences with a dead-on John Travolta impression, he became an overnight sensation.

The limelight didn’t last. Clay faced backlash for his material, follow-up albums did not match the success of his debut, and his next films were poorly received. Clay had made enough of a name for himself to continue working as a comedian and actor, but being a father became his main priority. A recurring role on Entourage raised his profile again, which led to working with Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, and eventually to a supporting role as Gaga’s papa in what could be a summertime blockbuster. While he may not smoke onstage anymore, he’ll surely have a few things to say about his health scare during his latest sets.

Tropicana, 10 p.m. March 2-4, starting at $54 plus tax and fee. 800.829.9034