“Somebody gettin’ pregnant tonight!” If 99.99999 percent of comedians made this exclamation onstage, you would be uncomfortable and find the humor off-putting.

But when Tracy Morgan yells out, “Somebody gettin’ pregnant tonight!” it’s likely to be the funniest thing you’ll hear for weeks. Morgan, 49, is a product of The Bronx, and he exudes that neighborhood character in everything he does. He has used his manic environment to create some of his most memorable Saturday Night Live characters, including building handyman Dominican Lou and the overtly sexual sci-fi explorer Astronaut Jones.

Morgan is perhaps best known for harnessing his mania on the award-winning sitcom 30 Rock in which he plays Tracy Jordan, a version of himself, that may be a bit more or a bit less out there.

In 2014, Morgan was involved in a near-fatal accident that killed fellow comedian James McNair. Nobody knew if Tracy would ever return to show business and standup, but he has been welcomed back with laughs, excitement and the potential to get somebody pregnant.

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