Where Bill Maher goes, controversy follows. The 62-year-old comedian was fired from his revolutionary ABC talk show, Politically Incorrect, only to land on his feet at HBO, where he has taken politicians to task for 16 seasons on his similar yet even more boundary-defying Real Time with Bill Maher.

It seems each week Maher touches a hot button with such force that he finds himself in more hot water. Yet the New Jersey-raised comedian has developed such a cult following that HBO has already renewed the show through 2020, and despite who’s in the White House, Maher always has plenty to talk about.

Sure, Maher might want you to forget his acting career, which featured roles in such classics as Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Pizza Man, Ratboy and the made-for-TV film Club Med. Even he would joke about those roles. But Maher found his voice as a political comedian, which has netted him a bevy of comedy specials along with a variety of “as himself” appearances in more mainstream movies plus a busy touring schedule in A-list venues throughout the world.

Love him or hate him, you know Bill Maher always speaks his mind. And for that, his fans love him.

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