It seems that Marriage Can Be Murder, but for real life husband and wife Jayne and Eric Post, murder's been a career. The couple has been entertaining audiences with the interactive dinner show for nearly 20 years.

Eric Post said, “It’s food, death, food, death, food, lots of guest interaction and laughs. We change the show every three months, with the basic script being the same for this time period, but each night the show is a little different because of the people attending.”

In each show, the former Navy lieutenant portrays a cop who is there to solve a murder, and whose banter with the ditzy hostess of the party (his wife Jayne for many of those nights) sets the tone for a comedic mystery.

“There aren’t many comedic teams left (in show business),” he pointed out. So, how do they keep it so fresh? “Ninety percent of the time my wife gets some idea or joke and I come up with the rest of the script.”

The remainder of the plot is written around the people he casts. One thing is constant: Actors are planted within the unsuspecting guests and the suspect is hiding in the crowd of diners. Now those armchair detectives can test their true ability to solve a murder. And each new course brings new clues. Happy sleuthing! –Penny Levin

The D, 6:30 p.m. daily, $71.95-$101.95 plus tax and fee, includes three-course meal and show. 702.388.2111