Back in 1989, Cher squeezed herself into a barely there outfit made mostly of fishnet and filmed a racy video for her hit song “If I Could Turn Back Time,” in which she longed for a do-over with a lost love. At the time that the multitalented entertainer decided to confidently flash her mostly bare (and tattooed) backside to the MTV generation, she was just a couple of months removed from her 43rd birthday. Today, Cher finds herself on the doorstep of birthday number 72 having done the unimaginable: She’s actually turned back time—or, at the very least, flipped the bird to Father Time.

The proof can be found in her Las Vegas residency Classic Cher, in which the icon of stage and screen wows fans with her remarkably fit physique and sky-high energy levels, two essential attributes when captaining an over-the-top production. So while many entertainers from her era struggle to reach second gear, Cher continues to belie her birth certificate with full-throttle performances, weaving in several rapid-fire costume changes that include glamorous headdresses that would topple most women 20 years her junior. Perhaps the best part: Her trademark sassy spirit is still there. Classic Cher, indeed.

Park Theater at Park MGM, 8 p.m. May 13, 16 & 18-19, $60-$475 plus tax and fee. 844.600.7275