Anjelah Johnson found fame initially as a cast member for MADtv. Part Native American, part Mexican-American, the actress and comedian utilizes her diverse background and her interest in other cultures to create characters that she performs both on stage and in sketches, as was the case with some of her breakout characters on the aforementioned Fox variety show.

Bon Qui Qui, as inhabited by Johnson, started out as an employee of King Burger who consistently messed up her customers’ orders, more concerned with people not inconveniencing her than making sure they get what they paid for. The character has evolved and is now a pop star who is as out of touch with reality today as she was back then.

Another standout creation of Johnson’s is My Linh, also known as Tammy, a stylist at a Vietnamese nail salon. The judgmental manicurist often asks her customers what they want then tells them why their answers are incorrect. She knows best without having to take responsibility for herself. The versatility Johnson has shown in developing characters has paid off with voice work in films including Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Marmaduke. She is also a popular guest star on sitcoms. Johnson is an in-demand live performer who brings a wide arrange of skills to her act.