“The other day my girlfriend complained to me, ‘Chivalry is dead. Oh, Anthony, chivalry is dead.’ And I told her, ‘No, baby, chivalry isn’t dead. Chivalry is alive and well. You’re thinking of your mom.’”

That’s the type of brutal joke that has audiences both laughing and cringing at Anthony Jeselnik. The 39-year-old comedian found that if he could make comics feel uncomfortable, then he would surely find his audience. While some find him offensive, he has remained true to himself and developed a loyal fan base with his verbal punches to the mouth.

However, there is another side of the Pittsburgh, Penn.-bred performer. He has found a niche as a television host and competition judge. It says a lot about a person’s likability when they can go from that raw style of comedy to being the polished host of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Even as a judge on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, his nice guy beneath the tough exterior shines through.

The versatile Jeselnik will likely be a staple for the Comedy Central brand for years to come. Besides his work as a judge, he just signed on to host a new talk show and co-host a podcast. And there’s always his stand-up, which will no doubt keep people laughing and cringing well into the future.

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