Las Vegas is all about reinvention. Very little in Vegas lasts for decades without being torn down, transformed or taken over, so the fact that Crazy Girls has been around for more than 30 years is pretty miraculous. The longest-running topless revue in Las Vegas has become a local institution, surviving the demise of its original home at the Riviera to move to Planet Hollywood Resort (which is also now home to the iconic Crazy Girls bronze statue, featuring a line of showgirl behinds that people often rub for “good luck”).

The six Crazy Girls stars are all beautiful and accomplished, performing sexy, acrobatic dance routines with flashy, skimpy costumes and some simple props that allow the dancers to show off their impressive assets. Host Dani Elizabeth does double duty, telling raunchy jokes and also joining the rest of the cast for several dance numbers.

Other highlights of the production include a jaw-dropping routine inside a heart-shaped frame by incredibly flexible dancer Bell, and a literally cheeky number with the whole ensemble shaking their booties in shorts with cutouts on the backside. It’s a playful homage to the show’s best-known promotional image, embodying the combination of sexy and mischievous that has kept Crazy Girls going for decades.

Planet Hollywood Resort, 9:30 p.m. Sun.-Tues. & Thurs.-Sat., $54-$98 plus fee, 18+. 702.777.2782