There’s a great bit of irony in the fact that Katey Sagal’s most iconic role was playing undomesticated housewife Peggy Bundy on the sitcom Married … With Children. An unapologetic bonbon-inhaling couch potato, Peggy’s primary goal was simple: Avoid work at all costs. Which explains why, in one episode where husband Al is seen admiring his new commode and she asks, “What does that toilet have that I don’t?” he sneers, “A job!”

Now for the irony: Over the past four decades the versatile Sagal has worked as hard as anyone in showbiz. She first tasted success in the mid-1970s as a singer/songwriter, performing backing vocals for everyone from Bob Dylan and Bette Midler to rockers Gene Simmons and Molly Hatchet. Ultimately, of course, acting would prove to be Sagal’s path to stardom—her 11-season run on Married … With Children was followed by dozens of television and film roles across multiple genres.

Yet even as she became a household name onscreen, Sagal’s passion for singing, be it onstage or in the studio, never waned. See for yourself when Sagal and The Reluctant Apostles visit the desert for a performance of original and classic cover songs. That’s right: Peggy Bundy, Vegas lounge crooner. If only Al could see her now …


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