We’ll Have Some of That

“Isn’t It Time” you got your tickets to see The Babys at The Golden Nugget? Call the babysitter because this summer Downtown Las Vegas will heat up with the classic sounds of the ’70s and ’80s mainstays, famous for tracks like “Isn’t It Time” and “Every Time I Think of You.”

Every time you think of The Babys, you might chuckle at their unusual name. The British pop rockers initially chose it as a joke, but the joke was on them when it stuck, as their popularity was quick to rise with songs that rocked the charts. They weren’t able to shake the quirky name because fans were already definitely on board.

The band called it quits in 1980 with members going on to join groups like Journey and Bad English before reforming in 2013 with a pair of Americans added to the mix. They got back into their grove with their newest album the next year, I’ll Have Some of That! Fans will be screaming for more of that, plus all the old favorites when they hit the stage at The Golden Nugget. –Allison Duck

Golden Nugget, 8 p.m. July 19, starting at $29 plus tax and fee. 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster

Hearty Offerings



The second location of Shinya Maru Ramen & Izakaya (following a Hard Rock Hotel-adjacent spot on Paradise Road) brings something to Fremont East that the district has needed for a while: an inexpensive, yet hearty and satisfying fill-up, and a worthy base for a night of ambitious drinking. The tonkatsu broth is creamy, the thin noodles are perfectly cooked and there isn’t an item on the menu priced above $12. For those of us who have logged long hours in Fremont East—soldiering through music festivals, or squiring visiting family around—Shinya Maru is a gift.

The ramens are amazing across the board—black garlic tonkotsu ramen ($12) features shio tonkotsu broth with black garlic oil and loaded with pork chashu, bean sprouts, green onions, a half seasoned egg, bamboo shoots and thin noodles; spicy miso ramen ($11) has the same basic ingredients, but is tonkotsu-infused with miso and chili oil. It’ll power you through a night at Corduroy and then some.

And a menu of izakaya bites runs from deep-fried, chewy chicken karaage served with a sriracha aioli ($7) to a seasoned pork loin stuffed with cheese and fried with panko bread crumbs ($7).

And should these savory delights inspire a thirst that can’t wait for the next location to your itinerary, the bar serves sake, Sapporo and Modelo on draft, and creme de sake, because why not? –Las Vegas Magazine Staff

520 E. Fremont St. No. 150, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. & 5 p.m.-midnight daily. 702.790.4340

Buy or Sell



What’s better than a bar where you can get extremely affordable drinks? How about one where you can buy everything you see? ReBar features draft beers starting at $3 and wine, well drinks and cocktails starting at $4. After you’ve enjoyed yourself, do a little browsing for that perfect souvenir—perhaps a beer stein? –Ken Miller

1225 S. Main St., 11 a.m. to close daily. 702.349.2283