Forty years ago today, The Beatles were preparing to enter the studio as a foursome for the last time to record the songs that would make up Abbey Road. The album found the band members both spreading their wings as individual songwriters yet able to find a thread that would create the cohesive medley on side two, culminating with each Beatles taking a solo on “The End.”

It wouldn’t be the end of rock fans’ love of The Beatles though, and years later Abbey Road would provide rich inspiration for The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil. Triple-tracked three-part harmonies from John Lennon’s “Because” reverently draw the audience into Cirque’s universe before Ringo’s tom-tom thumping from “The End” enables the scene to make a segue into a rocking, high-energy sequence with parading dancers, high-flying acrobats and groundbreaking special effects spectacularly carrying the weight of making The Beatles’ legacy into a living celebration.

Nappytabs, the Emmy-winning executive producers for NBC reality competition World of Dance and choreographers for A-list Strip headliners (Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez), would commingle their creative visions with Cirque for a 10th anniversary update of the show that debuted in 2016. The Nappytabs touch is conspicuously present on the “Twist & Shout” dance party, “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” and “Hey Jude,” while many songs now take advantage of an augmented projection system, which uses the stage as a projection surface. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” now features dancer Eira Glover interacting with a projection of a missing dance partner, courtesy of an animated figure created by dancer Dandypunk.

Some signature elements, such as a sprawling white silk canvas that the audience participates in passing overhead at one point, were too essential to the show to consider revising. “Hey Jude” was nearly replaced with “Let It Be,” but there is no substitute for the sad song that makes it better. In the end, the love the audience takes is equal to The Beatles LOVE that Cirque makes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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