Vikings have been pretty hot in pop culture in recent years, from the cable drama Vikings and the How to Train Your Dragon movies (featuring Viking warriors teamed with cute dragons) to a couple who recently went viral online for holding the first traditional Viking wedding in a thousand years. So Swedish metal band Amon Amarth is in pretty good company with its Viking-themed melodic death metal. On albums with titles like Once Sent From the Golden Hall, With Oden on Our Side and Twilight of the Thunder God, frontman Johan Hegg sings about Norse gods, bloody battles and epic sea voyages in soaring vocals accompanied by ferocious riffs and bone-crushing beats.

Onstage, Amon Amarth takes the Viking theme to another level, with set design that often includes a full Viking ship replica. The Viking thing isn’t just a silly gimmick: Amon Amarth’s lyrics often weave detailed stories about ancient Scandinavian life, and the band members are some of the most accomplished musicians in metal. They’ve been playing Viking-themed music for 20-plus years now, and if pop culture is finally catching up with them, they’re more than deserving of their moment.

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