There are more avenues than ever for independent musicians to reach their fans directly. Even so, artists who build up independent fan bases still often cement their success by signing to major labels, and that’s exactly what Southern California rapper Phora did in 2017, signing with Warner Bros. Phora’s two Warner Bros. albums brought his music to a wider audience, but after a little over two years on the label, he decided to return to his independent roots, even creating an Instagram video in which he tears up his record contract.

“I need to be that kind of artist that can do my whole own thing,” Phora told Billboard last year. “So when it felt not genuine and I had to change who I was and the music I was making, I was like I can’t do it.” The rapper has taken back control of his career with 2019 album Bury Me With Dead Roses, exploring his familiar personal themes but also branching out by working with longtime hip-hop hitmaker Scott Storch. He’s now free to follow his muse wherever it takes him, which is exactly what drew fans to him in the first place.

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