If you’ve heard the exclamation, “Man, that guy’s a workaholic,” it might have been referring to Ryan Rearden, director of VIP services at Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub at The Cromwell. “I have a cot in the office and typically (see) my work week at about 100 hours,” said the North Carolina native.

It was in college that Rearden nurtured his talents—working at various bars and clubs around the University of Georgia campus. From bartending and hosting to promotions and management, once he discovered a passion for the industry, he knew Las Vegas was the next stop. “It’s the NFL of nightlife,” he said.

He arrived in Vegas in 2011 and quickly built up his reputation. After only a few years he joined the opening team as a junior host for Drai’s; it didn’t take long to move up the ladder.

“I’m running the hosting and promotions team—that’s just the day-to-day,” he said. “At a higher level, (I’m) helping to forecast where the city is going to go, what acts are going to be successful, quantifying the revenue, working with marketing—it’s a really cool role because I get to experience a bunch of different divisions.”

Rearden also focuses on Drai’s reputation as a leader, helping keep the company at the forefront. “Many would say I’m a workaholic. But I hope they would say I’m more a leader than a manager; more of a coach,” he said. “It’s a big focus for me—that if the team is doing well ... we all succeed.”

Watermelon Smash

Drai’s offers signature cocktails as well as mojitos, sangria, piña coladas and margaritas. And although it’s a pool club and nightclub setting, many cocktails are handcrafted, like the popular Watermelon Smash. The cocktail mixes Roca Patrón tequila, amaretto liqueur, lime juice, agave nectar and Sprite with muddled cubes of fresh watermelon. For those that want to party wild and soak the crowd with champagne showers, Drai’s offers spray bottle packages (ranging from 10 to 100 bottles).