There are plenty of male revues in Vegas, but there’s only one like this. Black Magic Live features some of the sexiest men you’ll ever see onstage—or in the audience. Producer Jean-Claude LaMarre took his experience with the movie Chocolate City and the TV show Black Magic and has created a dynamic, exciting show with an all-black cast. Dancers perform singly and in groups, and there’s a lot of variety, with solo dances from the hard-hitting Trophy and the romantic Lover Boy, who demonstrates how the atmosphere sets the mood. And at the end of each group number, where the gentlemen channel men in uniform and even men of the future, the dancers head into the audience. Unlike other revues in Vegas, this is a tipping show—be sure to remember that wad of cash, because you may just become a big tipper! It’s a wonderfully intimate venue, ensuring every lady gets an excellent eyeful. The end of the show climaxes in a number where the “Queens” get some up-close and very personal love from loyal subjects.

Embassy Nightclub Theater, 3355 Procyon St., 9 p.m. Thurs.-Sun., $69-$96, tax and fee, 21+. 702.718.2108