Victor Drai didn’t so much reinvent nightlife in 2014 as he did completely obliterate the boundaries between night and day, roof and basement, swimming pool and discotheque. With the opening of Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub in May, he became the face of the Strip’s first rooftop pool club/nightclub. With the re-opening of Drai’s After Hours a month later, he transformed The Cromwell into the home of the 24-hour party.

Situated 11 stories above one of the busiest intersections on Las Vegas Boulevard, Drai’s is hedonism at its finest, a culmination of Victor’s decadeslong career of party architecture. By combining the choicest elements of his nightclub collaborations with Steve Wynn (Tryst, XS) with the distinctly California vibe of his rooftop pool parties at the W Hollywood, he swung Las Vegas nightlife headlong into a new era.



But it wasn’t without ruffling a few feathers along the way. Bucking an increasingly profitable trend among Vegas nightclubs, Drai fought against booking celebrity DJs. The venue and the service would have to speak for itself, he reasoned. By and large, he kept to that promise. The Calvin Harrises and Zedds of the world remained entrenched at their existing properties, while DJs with more niche audiences, including local favorite Warren Peace and L.A.-based Borgeous, got their chance on peak nights at Drai’s.

Perhaps sensing that a space as versatile as Drai’s was being underutilized with a DJs-only lineup, headline acts began creeping onto the event calendar. Drai snagged perhaps his biggest “get” of all by booking Iggy Azalea for a performance on Dec. 31. If anyone defined pop music in 2014, it was Iggy, and the combination of the “Fancy” rapper and Drai’s trendsetting space has the makings of a seminal New Year’s Eve.

For most clubgoers, there’s incentive enough to make Drai’s a stop on the itinerary, big-name musical performances or not. Drai’s sight lines are unparalleled among top nightclubs, and the club’s real estate, with two tiers of VIP seating and 14 tables centered around the dance floor, offers a multitude of partying options. Come summertime, the amenities get even slicker at Drai’s Beach Club, to the tune of 13 mezzanine cabanas equipped with restrooms and showers, a quintet of private pools and dozens of daybeds.

Add the returning Drai’s After Hours into the mix, located, as before, beneath the casino floor, and those endless Vegas nights don’t really ever have to stop.

“We are creating a 360-degree experience,” Drai said. “Wherever you turn you will be awed by the design, the technology, the music, the service and, most importantly, the experience. We have designed the club to be visual, sensual, sexy and social.”

With Drai’s, you learn to expect it all.

The Cromwell, 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Thurs.-Sun., cover charge applies. 702.777.3800

New Year’s Eve doors open at 9 p.m., $100 female, $200 male. VIP admission includes hosted bar and hors d’oeuvres from 9-11 p.m. Table packages available.