It was a somber day when the original O’Sheas casino closed up in 2012, even if it was to make way for The Linq retail/dining project. The casino where Rusty Griswold won a car in Vegas Vacation would be no more. Farewell to beer pong, farewell to cheap and abundant drinks, and perhaps saddest of all, farewell to Mr. Lucky, Brian Thomas’ beloved green-clad character and the casino’s mascot.

After 23 years on the Strip, it would seem that the luck had run out for O’Sheas.

Or had it?

A new O’Sheas reopened at The Linq in December, bringing the spirit of the original back to the Las Vegas Strip with beer pong, blackjack, three bars offering cheap drinks—and, of course, Mr. Lucky. The place is still a mix of an old-timey Irish pub and raucous Vegas casino that pays homage to its roots. The original marquee, refurbished and brighter than ever, stands right outside the casino’s Linq entrance and next to the outdoor Blarney Bar, which serves up cocktails and frozen delights like the Irish Marg and Fire in the Hole. The Dublin Up bar features a mural of the original O’Sheas, and the Lucky Bar, right next to a row of beer pong tables, is there to quench your pre- and postgame thirst.

Best of all, O’Sheas is accessible from both the outdoor Linq and from inside The Quad, so it’s never too far from reach. So, what do you say? Are you feeling lucky?

The Linq, 24 hours daily. 702.794.3311