Why do we draw a blank every time a friend wants to grab patio beers? For whatever reason, be it the heat or the lack of available real estate, an al fresco drinking sesh is unusually hard to come by in Las Vegas. The re-branding of Bar Vdara as Vice Versa has come at a time—spring—when we need patio beers the most.

It was easy to overlook Bar Vdara, a small but inviting indoor-outdoor lounge just off the valet area at center Strip’s only real nongaming hotel. It will be a bit more difficult to overlook Vice Versa, which does away with some of the kitschier elements of Bar Vdara (RIP sofa swings) for a more comfortable, casual approach. A row of 10-foot trees separates the valet from Vice Versa, allowing some degree of privacy, although you can still people-watch the trains of Vdarans pulsing from the elevator bank through the lobby.

Most notable among the new changes is the food and drink menu, which splits the difference between heavier, more adventurous fare (the vices) and lighter dishes and cocktails (the versa). Depending on your mood, you can score surf-and-turf sliders and the signature Rosés are Red cocktail, or opt instead for pan-seared ahi tuna and a Jordan chardonnay.

The beer list covers the waterfront from the usual Coronas and Stellas to Goose Island Matilda and Uinta’s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, which clocks in at a healthy 9.2 percent ABV. Good thing for these patio beers the taxi stand is right through the trees.

At a Glance

“Vice” dishes include lobster tacos and loaded potato tots.

“Versa” dishes include turkey sliders, caprese flatbread and grilled lamb lollipops.

The wine list runs the gamut from sparkling rosé and Dr. L riesling to Pine Ridge and Silver Oak cabernet sauvignons.

Vdara, 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Sun.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Fri.-Sat. 702.590.2111