If you watch television long enough in Las Vegas, you might catch a commercial that implores viewers to “take Vegas back” from fedora-wearing mixologists. Sure, it’s all in good fun, but the request holds a measure of truth: In an attempt to achieve elegance, the art of the cocktail is often obscured by fancy, esoteric ingredients. But Rosina–the classy, new retreat at The Palazzo–would make the creators of that commercial campaign proud, as elegance is mastered through simplicity.

The menu boasts a wide variety of classic drinks, and all are treated with care and reverence, adhering to time-honored traditions. For example, you won’t find any pineapple juice or grenadine in your mai tai here. Rosina sticks to the formula: Two rums, lime, orange Curaçao and orgeat, garnished with a mint leaf. The only twist is a sprinkle of nutmeg. Such attention to detail extends to other cocktails like the Negroni, old-fashioned and Manhattan, all of which are bold, garnished with an orange peel and poured over a giant ice cube embossed with the Rosina logo–a nice, delicate touch.

You’ll be tempted to taste the entire menu, but make it a point to order the Seasonal Fix, a sort of build-your-own cocktail shaken with the spirit of your choice and muddled with seasonal fruit. A popular mixture is gin, lemon and fresh blackberry, but if such freedom renders you indecisive, don’t be afraid to ask your bartender for some pro tips.

And if you’re the type who actually gets their kicks from champagne, then you’re in luck, for champagne cocktails like the French 75 round out the menu. As a bonus, when you’re getting low on the bubbly, press the unique champagne call button and a server will promptly top off your flute.

Yet, the drinks are meaningless without the ambience. There’s an intimacy that encourages conversation under the glitter of opulent chandeliers, or a dance to a soulful mix of jazz and R&B. And though the bar’s size might cause you to awkwardly brush butts with a stranger (it seats 65 patrons), take it in stride. It is Vegas, after all.

The Palazzo, open from 5 p.m.-3 a.m. daily. 702.607.7777