There’s something comforting about Italian food, a sort of sink-back-in-your-seat sort of satisfaction. It happens whether you’re dining at your neighborhood café, or a modern hangout like Nove Italiano.

Located at the top of the Palms Fantasy Tower, Nove, which recently celebrated nine years at the Palms, commands excellent views of the Strip and Las Vegas’ glittering lights. A sleek lounge provides a fab place to mix and mingle while taking in that view.

Start your meal in the lounge with drinks such as the tiramisu martini or sangria Rossi. Both are beautifully presented, with a few coffee beans accenting the flavorful martini. Fresh fruit fills your glass of bright sangria Rossi. Linger in the lounge with an appetizer such as the arancini, crispy little fried balls of rice filled with Italian sausage and mozzarella.

At your table (all which boast that incredible vista), start with candy-stripe beet carpaccio. Essentially a salad with a bit of greenery, the dish’s design resembles a classic carpaccio, with colorful candy-stripe beet taking the place of beef. Peaches, candied pecans and goat cheese make this a heavenly start. And for more heaven, order the shrimp Francaise, boastfully labeled as “the best you ever had.” And it lives up to that claim, as your dining companion might be heard to utter “three thumbs up” during the devouring of the lemony morsels.

The 14-ounce New York strip steak makes a fine entrée. Get it plain, or explore one of three other options, such as al forno-style, where the tender beef comes with garlic, Parmigiano and ravioli. Nove will offer wine-pairing suggestions for all your dishes, but with the meat, wine goes especially well. The restaurant sources many of its vintages through the Bruschi family winery.

Seafood lovers can get their fill with a gorgeous bowl of cioppino, stuffed full of fragant morsels from the ocean. For vegetarians, zesty pea tortellini (sans pancetta) and walnut-tomato pesto ravioli are good options off the pasta menu, with the tortellini incorporating English peas and seasonal mushrooms in a creamy sauce that finishes with more of that lemony brightness. The ravioli gives you that comfort food that Italian restaurants are known for. Eggplant manicotti and crispy polenta with sauce (a new offering designed especially for vegetarians) harks back to that welcoming feeling—polenta being that Italian comfort food that grandmothers always had on the stove.

Side dishes, decadent and creative, include Death by Potatoes, tagged with “at your own risk” on the menu, served with a huge amount of mascarpone. (After savoring the rich dish, I am happy to report that I am still alive. Barely.)

It’s hard to consider dessert when you are so sated by a meal, but strawberry carpaccio will make you change your mind. So sweet, so lovely. Petit fours are a selection of mini desserts, from cannoli to macaroons. With a cup of espresso, or a limoncello, you might linger some time, unable to rise from your chair.

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