Despite its prominence on Westgate Las Vegas’ restaurant row, Edge Steakhouse feels like a hidden gem. One thing is certain: This is a restaurant more people should know about.

The food, under the direction of chef de cuisine Steve Young, is already as good as just about any steakhouse in Las Vegas and only promises to get better. Young, a former master chef at Joël Robuchon, recently cooked at The James Beard House, and the confidence inspired by that experience shows on his plates. Recently, in the Silver State Awards, Young won Best New Chef/Rising Star.

Cream of cauliflower soup is a dish Young is currently experimenting with, but trust us, it needs no more trials. The velvety soup envelopes a treasure trove of goodness. There’s a yummy fried cauliflower fritter, roasted cauliflower and the smart addition of apple, which ties it all together. There’s also slab bacon, but it really isn’t necessary.

Sunchoke ravioli shows just how refined the food can be at Edge. While there are classic elements on the menu that perhaps mimic the feel of the classic-looking dining room, this plate screams today. The sunchoke, or Jerusalem artichoke, shines three ways—inside the large pasta pillow as a purée, roasted, and fried as a chip. Black truffle is the luxury element, and Parmesan foam covers the whole thing.

The John Dory is lightly prepared for maximum moistness. Herb gnocchi adds texture and starch. Citrus and fennel is a winning combination for depth of flavors. Sunchokes and bacon round out the excellent plate. It’s worth splitting if your party all wants to go for steak.

Speaking of which, bring on the meat! And by that, how about one of the highest-end meats in the world—multi-award-winning Miyazaki A5 wagyu. Here you can get 3 ounces or 6 ounces. Savor every delicious bite. There’s a reason people refer to it as meat butter, as the tender beef melts upon taste.

For those looking to go more traditional and for bigger portions, the 22-ounce, bone-in ribeye from A&A Farms is sure to fill you up. Accompanied by herb butter and roasted garlic, it’s packed with flavor and gives you that vintage steakhouse feel.

Sides are equally as impressive. Broccolini is slathered with garlic confit, chili flakes and lemon parsley butter. Roasted mushrooms are served in a skillet with dollops of creamy, herbaceous boursin cheese, giving them a strong counterpunch. Truffle fries are thick and sturdy, as they should be, and nicely hold the Parmesan, truffle oil and dill that they are tossed in.

Desserts are not to be ignored, especially the well-presented, flavor-packed crème brûlée—brought to your table and lit aflame until its caramel topping is sufficiently hardened.

Something tells us this restaurant gem won’t be hidden for much longer.

Westgate Las Vegas, opens at 5 p.m. Tues.-Sat. 702.732.5755