One of the best things about getting a new chef on board has to be the new menu items that he or she creates—combined with signature dishes and older favorites, your meal will be better than ever. That’s the case at the Stripside Hexx Kitchen + Bar at Paris, where Las Vegas veteran chef Carlos Buscaglia joined the team earlier in the year.

Let’s explore some of your options for dinner or brunch, starting with drinks. They’re pretty impressive here at Hexx, and the potions are probably the most spectacular. The Purple Haze comes smokin’ cold in a huge pitcher cooled by dry ice. Clouds of fog roll off the pitcher and the combination of Absolut Berri Açaí, Kinky Blue, Stoli Razberi, blueberry schnapps and berry purée (for health, I guess) make for a powerful, delicious concoction. Other potions feature guava, passionfruit, dragonberry and mango flavors. On the lighter, nonalcoholic side, seasonal fruit infusions and house-made sodas bring in ginger, cherry, Thai basil, pear and star anise.

Appetizer highlights include a wonderful white bean hummus with pita bread, crispy calamari with ranch and hot sauce and a meat-and-cheese board with truffle honey and grilled country bread. A chopped salad is studded with hearts of palm, avocado and artichoke—the sweet drop peppers in the salad will have you stealing them from your dining partner’s plate (seriously!). And a nice take on a caprese sees tomato, burrata, and truffle honey artfully arranged on a savory Parmesan tart. The seafood platter, however, may be the most striking, with U-8 shrimp, king crab, Maine lobster tail, lobster salad, tuna poke and shrimp ceviche.

If you’re looking to keep it casual for your entrée, try the vegetable pizza, covered in peppers, Brussels sprouts, tomato, broccolini and mozzarella. Hexx has a number of sandwiches, from the grilled chicken BLT to a veggie burger with a black bean patty, which, layered with avocado, quinoa, asadero cheese and chipotle mayo, really shines, and should be indulged in by meat-eaters and vegetarians both.

A beautiful breaded veal Milanese with a wild mushroom risotto will satisfy carnivorous desires—and the lovely presentation will satisfy the eye as well. The gnocchi pomodoro features tiny pillows of the pasta blanketed by a flavorful sauce and melted burrata—truly mouthwatering.

Desserts here go from cake to a s’mores semifreddo, and chocolate stars in many of them, as is fitting considering Hexx’s next-door proximity to the Hexx Chocolate & Confexxions retail outlet, which has a gourmet chocolate-making operation in-house. Consider indulging in the red velvet roll, which piles on ganache, chocolate pearls, chocolate meringue raspberries and raspberry sauce. Peanut butter cheesecake comes with peanut butter caramel and candied peanuts, plus spun sugar and whipped cream. For a bubbly feeling, try the champagne shaved ice; with champagne jelly, strawberries, bubble sugar, a raspberry roll-up and little strawberry pearls that burst in your mouth, it puts other versions of the classic dessert to shame.

Paris, open 24 hours daily. 702.331.5100