Make no mistake. What you get at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar is an experience just as exuberant as the chef’s personality. The atmosphere is as energetic as the liveliest segment of Fieri’s signature show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. And the food—the food is as dynamic as any Fieri fan would hope.

Start with your meal with Trash Can Brisket Nachos. If Fieri’s cuisine could be summed up on a plate, it would be this one–it’s a mashup of Mexican-American flavors and California barbecue to create something distinctly American. Tortilla chips are covered in nacho cheese sauce, jalapeños, crema and pico de gallo. The protein, burnt ends from the restaurant’s house-smoked brisket, is finished with chipotle barbecue sauce. It is a meal unto itself and one Fieri devotees will go gaga for.

Burgers have just as much style to them. Take, for instance, the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger, which tops a beef patty with six-cheese macaroni and cheese. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there as applewood bacon, melted cheese and donkey sauce are also layered on the garlic-buttered brioche. A side of French fries features thin, traditional-cut fried potatoes and tasty twisted fries. Those looking to travel to “Flavortown” are required to get their passports stamped with this dish.

One of the newest dishes on the menu takes things up another level. The Pork Emporium is Fieri’s nod to barbecue around the country. Get your hog on with house-smoked St. Louis ribs, pulled pork, andouille sausage and a pile of maple bacon. It’s also served with mac ’n’ cheese, coleslaw, Texas toast and pickles. Pig lovers, this is your plate to pig out on. And the Nor Cal Cioppino is stuffed with an array of succulent seafood.

Thirsty yet? How about a Tropical Tornado? The drink features Sammy’s Beach Bar rum, Malibu rum, pineapple juice, mint, coconut water, coconut cream, lime and blue curaçao. It’s like drinking an old Elvis beach movie.

Then there are the desserts, which are miniscule. Kidding! They are as ginormous as expected. Guy’s Cheesecake Challenge isn't an official challenge, but it does present a Man V. Food type of food trial. Those who choose to accept it will attempt to devour their way through a half a marble cheesecake studded with potato chips, pretzels and hot fudge. The crust also combines, to its advantage, the saltiness from the chips and pretzels.

Chocolate lovers can stick with Seven-Layer Jack Daniels chocolate cake. It might not get you drunk-drunk, though the Tennessee whiskey is prevalent in each bite, but it will get you chocolate drunk, as every layer is a warehouse of chocolatey chocolateness.

There’s no doubt whose cuisine this is. The point of view, the vibe and the plates themselves all represent Flavortown and its mayor for life, Guy Fieri.

The Linq Hotel, 9 a.m.-midnight daily. 702.794.3139