Do you know Nacho Flay? Nacho, an adorable orange Maine Coon, is an Instagram celebrity with over 135,000 followers relishing in his photogenic antics, which, if you’re the least bit into animals, you’re destined to love. But even if you’re not familiar with him, you’re likely aware of his celebrity chef father: Bobby Flay of Iron Chef fame.

Rising to prominence with his take on high-end southwestern dining at Mesa Grill, Flay entered in the more casual arena with his first Bobby’s Burger Palace almost a decade ago. And he opened his second Vegas venue—and the first and only BBP west of the Mississippi—at Aria a little over four years ago. Looking upon the Las Vegas Strip just outside the front entrance to the Mandarin Oriental, the colorful venue offers up one the town’s best people-viewing spots and some of its best burgers.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is Flay’s—Bobby, not Nacho—self-professed ode to the iconic national dish. Burger selection starts with your choice of meat: a certified Angus beef patty, a lighter turkey patty or a chicken breast. And vegetarians need not worry, as BBP also offers both a veggie burger and griddled cheese.

From there, you can choose from 11 options (which change out periodically), including several regional takes on burgers. Eat your way from coast to coast: Start with the Philly cheesesteak-inspired (and aptly named) Philly, layered with provolone, griddled onions and hot peppers; go through Dallas with a spice-crusted burger and coleslaw; and end up with LA’s lighter burger, topped with avocado relish, watercress and cheddar cheese. The brunch burger is a favorite, too, with fried egg, bacon and American cheese suitable for breakfast or lunch, or even later.

While I have no clue as to what Nacho’s favorite meal is at BBP, I have it from good sources Bobby’s favorite burger is simply referred to as “Bobby-style.” Only those in the know are privy to the off-menu creation layered with a variety of Flay’s favorite ingredients: American cheese, chipotle ketchup, roasted green chiles, coleslaw and a pile of Lay’s potato chips marking the burger as “crunchified.” The chiles deliver a hint of heat, while the chipotle ketchup exudes smokiness enhanced by the burger’s own char. And the chips provide a contrast in texture with a touch of saltiness in a true pièce de résistance to this glorious mess of a meal. Flay certainly knows his burgers.

Pair your burger with some decadent bacon + cheese fries, hand-cut in house and arriving swimming in queso and garnished with crispy bacon bits and scallions. And at that point, since any semblance of a diet is an afterthought, wash it down with any of BBP’s variety of milkshakes, including coconut, cookies ’n’ cream or pistachio (Bobby’s favorite flavor). The latter is particularly unique as it’s not an option normally available elsewhere, with a distinctive flavor profile from the seeds chopped in-house and mixed in.

While there’s only one Bobby Flay, at Bobby’s Burger Palace you can partake of some of his favorites and live a bit vicariously through him. It’s bound to make Nacho proud.

Aria, 11 a.m.-midnight daily. 702.598.0191