There’s something you need to let go of when you are eating at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The Linq: those foodie pretensions that can sometimes keep you from truly enjoying your meal. There are no pretensions here, just good food with wild, fun names like The Pork Emporium, a monster plate of house-smoked St. Louis ribs, maple bacon, andouille sausage and pulled pork, rounded out with a six-cheese macaroni and cheese.

Fieri, who is probably best known for his Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, pulls in quality ingredients for his menu items, which rope in a wide range of flavors from Thai to Southern and mix them with aplomb. That makes sure pretty much everyone can find what they want. An inventive cocktail will buy you enough time to thoroughly peruse the menu. The Bloody Mary menu allows you to build a monster of a cocktail by adding a wide variety of items to your drink—candied bacon, jalapeños, Slim Jims ... you name it. If you share an appetizer (sure, why not?), the Tuna Poke Won-Tacos give you a couple of bites apiece, with sashimi-grade tuna, a mango-jicama salsa and seaweed salad. Tempura-battered lobster lollipops come with cheese fries with roasted garlic and lemon aioli. That cheese is his SMC (super melty cheese), a saucy concoction of several kinds of cheese used in a variety of dishes, including Trash Can Nachos, a Vegas favorite with house-smoked pork and chipotle barbecue sauce.

Fieri offers several burgers, such as the award-winning Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger, which layers a patty with applewood bacon, six-cheese macaroni and cheese, that SMC and onion straws. It’s kinda messy, and that’s kinda the point. Just roll with it. The Original Ringer Burger has SMC, too, but a sriracha-spiced rojo onion ring and a signature bourbon-brown sugar barbecue sauce make it an entirely different experience. Vegetarians can opt for Morgan’s Veggie Burger, chock full of beans, jalapeños, oats and garlic ... all sorts of good things. Vegans can order the Vegas Vegan burrito from the “Lighter Fare” portion, but it’s still pretty huge. It may be a healthy option, but coconut Thai curry sauce, guacamole and smoked sweet potatoes give it a powerful flavor.

The Motley Que pulled pork sandwich features pork shoulder awash in the signature barbecue sauce, with aged cheddar on a hearty pretzel bun. For something lighter, lobster tacos contain tequila-lime lobster-tail and mango-radish slaw.

If you somehow managed to go light with your meal, go big with dessert. Go really big. The Cheesecake Challenge puts you to the test with an entire half of New York-style cheesecake piled with pretzels, hot fudge and potato chips. It’s like the sweet equivalent of the Trash Can Nachos. And for those who are of age (21-plus), the Seven-Layer Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cake makes a decadent ending to the meal. Not only is there rich frosting, but whiskey créme anglaise and salted whiskey caramel sauce add super-flavorful components to the dish.

The Linq Hotel, 9 a.m.-midnight daily. 702.794.3139