An art exhibition of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ art was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas on November 9-10. The event was themed “And the Waltz Goes On” after the waltz of the same name that was composed by Sir Anthony himself.

The event, which drew 400, was produced by Glenn Harte and Devon Harte of Harte International Galleries of Maui and was attended by notable collectors from around the world. During the event, Sir Anthony unveiled a new painting done specifically for the exhibition entitled Dream—And the Waltz Goes On, which was an expression of the process of composition and inspiration Hopkins uses in his creative efforts, including his musical compositions and his paintings.

The painting was immediately scooped up by well-known collectors James and Angela Lenhart of Denver. In addition to their purchase of the event themed piece, the Lenharts also purchased several other Hopkins works, including one of the highest-priced works ever created by Hopkins, selling for $250,000. That work is entitled Sunset in Vegas and was painted for a previous event, also produced by Harte International Galleries in 2014 and also held in Las Vegas.

All who came were invited privately—no advertising of the event took place and everyone present had previously collected Hopkins’ art from Harte International Galleries in Maui. Harte serves as the sole and exclusive representative for the art of Hopkins.

Stella Hopkins, Sir Anthony’s wife, motivated him to paint when she saw the numerous drawings he had created on scripts while he was studying for movie roles. As a part of his process, Hopkins would sketch scenes and faces of the characters. Stella set up a studio and equipped it so that Hopkins could try to paint in earnest. Soon after in about 2006, she met with Glenn Harte of Harte International Galleries and a relationship was formed. Harte was the agent for the art of Anthony Quinn (also an Academy Award-winning actor), and had worked with Tony Curtis, Burt Young and Lothian Skelton, who manages the art of her husband Red, and together with his son, Devon, owned one of the top art galleries in the country.

During the two-day event in Las Vegas, collectors added nearly $3 million of Hopkins’ art to their collections. Attendees included Tim and Susie Hyde from Maui, Bob and Jeanne McCoy of Las Vegas, Mark and Joanne Shepard of Houston and David and Carrie Morgan of Berkley, California. Other collectors came from as far away as Germany, Australia and Spain. Harte believes that the Hopkins exhibition sets an all-time record for celebrity artists. Hopkins is a composer, artist and actor and even at 81 years old he yearns to create. Describing himself as a “lunatic,” he spends every moment creating, composing and yearning to be active in the arts. He can paint for hours without stopping and when the timing is right he may even climb out of bed at 3 a.m. to work on a musical composition that he went to bed conceiving.

Las Vegas has been chosen by Harte, the art agent for Hopkins, because it presents such a high level of convenience and facility for his collectors to attend exhibitions. Hopkin’s collector base continues to expand and Harte believes that Hopkins is truly among the most memorable artists of our time.