Today, and for the past eight years, you’ll find The Wedding Chapels at T.I. manager LeMisha Fields making couples’ dreams come true. But take a trip into Fields’ past, and you’ll find it was also her own dreams that came true.

Because of the bad Houston neighborhood Fields grew up in, she and her siblings spent a lot of time in the house. “Our energy was channeled indoors; the only thing we did was sing,” says Fields, who performed for family and friends.

By the time Fields was 7, her mother relocated the family to Las Vegas. “That was really the beginning of everything for us,” she says. If you thought Fields looked familiar, there’s a big reason why. Once she hit her teen years, she and her two sisters formed the R&B group, 702. If you listened to the radio in the late ’90s, you may have heard their hit, “Where My Girls At.”

“Missy Elliott, Timberland … We had people like that, that we were getting good groundwork with, trying to develop our sound,” Fields says.

Saint-Hilaire sparkling wine

Saint-Hilaire sparkling wine

But after a couple albums, “even though it was a blessing to be one of those groups that were providing a platform for other girl groups to come, we wanted our own paths in life.”

So now Fields oversees as many as a dozen weddings per day—she loves the challenge, practices patience and understanding, and always keeps a smile on her face. “We’ve been able to pull it off, and our customers have nothing but good things to say about us.”

Saint-Hilaire sparkling wine

At The Wedding Chapels at T.I., “it’s a one-stop shop for your wedding; including room blocks, the ceremony, the reception. Anything that needs to be done, we can either do it here or we can provide the right recommendations,” Fields says. Do you want to toast your big day right after saying your “I Do’s”? For just $35, you can. You’ll receive two flutes and a bottle of Saint-Hilaire sparkling wine.