Whether she’s wearing her bunny ears or her helmet, Doreen Seidel loves the racetrack just the same.

Growing up in Germany, Seidel developed an interest in racing at an early age, which she put to the test by racing motor bikes. When she got older, Playboy magazine came calling and in 2008 she was named Germany’s Playmate of the Year, and it just so happened that she represented the brand at many racing series. “I was the lucky charm bunny, smiling in front of the cars,” says Seidel. It was being at those events that really sparked her passion for racing cars instead of bikes. So, with some help through Playboy’s connections and a lot of gumption, she entered into the world of racecar driving.

“The first time I got behind the wheel it was amazing,” she says. “I did well right away from my motor bike experience. … From the first moment, I got addicted. I climbed the ladder and did amateur racing and got more and more ambitious and stepped up to a more professional team, even racing for Mercedes Benz.”

More than 10 years later, Seidel’s racing career brought her to Las Vegas, where last year she was hired as a racecar driver and racing instructor at Exotics Racing. She even races for the Exotics Racing team, and was the first female driver to win a series.

“Ending up here with all my driving experiences and knowledge, and racing in Europe, Exotics is pretty much the best playground I’ve ever seen on the whole planet,” Seidel says. “You have all the supercars you can imagine plus racecars. For me, working here is like working in paradise.”

Exotics Racing Merchandise

Exotic Racing Merchandise

Exotic Racing Merchandise

Take home a piece of your driving experience at Exotics Racing by purchasing a souvenir or memento. There are plenty of cool pieces to choose from, such as hats, backpacks, mugs, keychains, hoodies, license plate holders, T-shirts and accessories. Exotics also offers the option of purchasing an on-board HD video of your experience, with views from both inside of the car and from the front of the car.