Justin Hibbert, lead marketing host for Hakkasan at MGM Grand, is one of the most goal-oriented people you’ll ever meet. Not only does he set goals for himself personally and professionally, but he also meets and exceeds them.

In his early 20s, Hibbert was able to secure his first job in the industry as a junior host for Pure nightclub. And while he cut his teeth with the megaclub, it was the opening of Hakkasan that really piqued his interest. He landed a position with the club as a host.

“A year out, before the club opened, we were asked our goals and I said, ‘My goal is to be the lead of Hakkasan one day,’ Hibbert says. “I outworked everyone around me. … But, when we first opened, I was dead last in sales. I knew I had to turn it around. From there I did everything I possibly could and, by the end of the year, I was in the top five sales on the host team and I never looked back.” Five years later, goal met.

In his personal life, Hibbert has trained to become an endurance athlete. Less than two years ago, he completed his first triathlon, which sparked interest in Ironman competitions.

“In six months’ time I went from buying a bike and never swimming before to completing the Ironman.” This year, he set a goal to complete four Ironmans. “For me it’s setting that goal and pushing that barrier,” he says. “I get excited for what I can do in the future; what I can accomplish next. I think I’m gonna climb Mount Everest—I’ll do it in two years.”


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Speaking of Instagram moments, Hakkasan launches its One Night Only party Sunday, March 3, and it promises to be one awesome audio-visual experience filled with surprises throughout the night. “It’s gonna be open format—top 40s, hip-hop, EDM,” Hibbert says. “We’ll be doing something that’s never been done in a nightclub. We’ll also have live performances. We’re excited about it. This night is gonna be off the wall. Come have fun—one night only anything goes, and we’re really excited for it.”