Few cities have changed more in the last 40 years than Las Vegas. Hotels got bigger, world-class entertainers began calling our city home and celebrity chefs have outposts all over the Strip. But one place has remain basically unchanged since it opened in 1982: The Steak House at Circus Circus, a slice of the way things used to be, not just in Vegas but in steakhouses themselves.

Executive chef Bob O’Brien hasn’t altered his menu much at all in the 18 years he’s overseen the kitchen, a reflection, he says, of customer tastes. This is a restaurant where repeat customers are the norm, one where patrons will call ahead to make sure a certain server is working that night. O’Brien and company keep things simple, but in the process provide an impeccable steakhouse experience.

Everything feels intimate here, from the red leather booths and dark wood accents to the small bar area that greets you once you step into the dining room. The grilling area sits right in the middle of the restaurant, giving everyone a chance to see their steak being prepared—and there’s also a see-through room to see steaks being wet aged and dry aged.

True to its old-school vibe, The Steak House doesn’t feature any signature cocktails, but it gets all the classics—lemon drops, Manhattans and Cosmos, for example—just right. Seafood appetizers are fresh and appealing, particularly the Seafood Sensation, a presentation of oysters, crab and shrimp.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the steak selections here; it really is just a matter of personal preference. But prime rib fans would be remiss in passing up The Steak House’s version, an enormous portion that looks like it could feed an army. From filet mignon to ribeye, the remaining selections are no less stellar, huge but sacrificing nothing in the way of juiciness or flavor. If you’re looking for something different in the way of sides, try the black bean soup, served with a small side of sherry and chopped onions, to add flavor as desired.

Not in the mood for a steak? No worries. The Steak House also offers plenty of seafood options like Australian lobster, Alaskan king crab, salmon and halibut. Other standout options include lamb chops and chicken breast.

Vegetarians don’t have to fear—The Steak House offers a wide, tasty variety of salads, from a tomato, mozzarella and basil Caesar to a blue cheese wedge. Even the house salad is a delight, full of beets, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and red onion.

Dessert options are just as traditional as dinner—tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake, crème brûlée and chocolate-covered strawberries all deliver the sugar rush you desire. And we recommend bananas Foster­—vanilla ice cream cradled in bananas carmelized with rum and butter. You can thank us later.

Circus Circus, 4-10 p.m. Sun.-Fri., 4-11 p.m. Sat., lounge half-priced drink specials 4-6 p.m. Sun.-Fri. (excluding holidays). 702.794.3767