Barbecue and all its associated flavors and side dishes are one of the prime pleasures of summer, and in Las Vegas, popular New York import Virgil’s Real Barbecue does it right. Virgil’s has plenty of drinks for you to enjoy, from the Bourbon-Berry Smash, with Old Forester, muddled strawberries and lemon, to margaritas, beer and an impressive range of spirits for sipping.

Accompany your bev with “Trash” ribs (little morsels glistening with sauce), piled with hush puppies or BBQ nachos with Carolina pulled pork, pulled chicken, Texas brisket and jalapeños. For your entrée, if you feel like going light (ha!), order a salad—a highlight is Virgil’s BBQ salad, lettuce and all its normal bedfellows, piled pulled pork, pulled chicken and brisket. That’s some kinda salad, indeed.

But if you didn’t come to a barbecue joint for salad, indulge yourself with everything from Memphis-style pork spare ribs to a catfish filet. Get a combo and choose two meats, or get The Pig Out! delivered to your table—it’s got basically all the meats, side dishes and cornbread, which comes with all your meals, thank the lord (but if you want to swap and get buttermilk biscuits as a side, we can’t blame you). If you need a steak, you’ll find a 20-ounce T-bone, 6-ounce ribeye or 28-ounce tomahawk, all chargrilled.

For dessert, banana pudding is always a great ending to the meal, but apple pie, classic milkshakes and ice cream will also suffice.

Virgil’s also does brunch on the weekend, with goodies like bacon-banana pancakes, huge breakfast burritos (available with egg whites if you like), avocado toast and steak and eggs to brighten your morn. Don’t forget to ask for Virgil’s Big Bloody Bull Rider—it’s a 16-ounce bloody Mary.

The Linq Promenade, 702.389.7400

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