When I first met Luis Lopez, general manager of Electra Cocktail Lounge and Rosina at The Palazzo, he shook my hand and said, “call me Batman.” Shaking his hand, I laughed, but after talking to him, I learned he really is Batman.

He plays the superhero (and Deadpool, too) at least once a month when he visits children’s hospitals around the valley. “It’s great for me to be able to do that for the kids,” he said. “I wear those suits so I can take their mind off things—so they can have some fun.”

When Lopez isn’t spreading joy to children, he’s helping spread joy to adults by being at the helm of two of the Strip’s coolest bars. Lopez, born in Medellin, Colombia, and raised in Vegas, worked his way up from his very first job as a lifeguard at The Venetian pool to being a server, butler and eventually manager for several high-end venues, including The Palazzo’s first dayclub, the Aquatic Club. He also helped open both Rosina and Electra.

“My absolute favorite part of the job is working with such a passionate staff,” he said. “The culture we have behind the bar—we’re passionate about craft cocktails. It’s always a different environment when you’re working around people that are excited about what they do.”

As the manager of a great staff, Lopez said, “I want to lead by example. I try to set the standard. Rather than tell someone to go do this, I say, ‘Let’s go do it together.’” Sounds like the qualities of a superhero to me.

The Spicy Tommy’s #2

Spicy Tommy 2

Spicy Tommy 2

The cocktail collective at The Palazzo and The Venetian includes lounges, The Dorsey, Rosina and Electra Cocktail Club. The master creator behind many of the cocktails at all three venues is award-winning bartender Sam Ross. One of his creations is The Spicy Tommy’s #2, a cocktail that’s definitely spicy but has such an addictive/delicious flavor, you don’t mind the bite. According to Ross, the recipe is a riff off the Tommy’s margarita from the famous restaurant and bar, Tommy’s Mexican Cantina in San Francisco. The #2 version at Electra is mixed with Olmeca Altos tequila, fresh lime, orange, agave syrup and sprinkled with Pico De Gallo’s Pico Piquin chile salt.

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